"Even after living in the Netherlands for the last seven years, I still haven't gotten used to the rain :) Let me introduce myself; My name is Agis Christopoulos and I come from Greece. I am a data scientist (or analyst) and when I joined Valid I was the first non-Dutch speaking employee here! The contact that I had with Valid was through Carolien, our recruiter, and after her awesome email, I got in contact with Frank Maes, who is my manager right now. The rest is history and now here I am .

I'm working in the Big Data Team, and since this is still relatively new, there is no normal day at the office. Every day has new challenges. Many different tasks to do. Some of the main activities could be: (on line) trainings to learn and improve my skills, analysis of data for internal or external projects or even interviews with new candidates to further develop the team. We work closely with the BI developers since our tasks have many common lines in the world of data!

Even though I am a non-Dutch speaking new employee, I never felt alone. All my colleagues are really polite and nice to me. They all want to help me and this is really important for me. I appreciate it. I really like the cool, relaxing environment we have at Valid. Because when you feel comfortable, then you can really do amazing things! I am proud of myself that I have managed to work with people from different cultures (and I must say that I really enjoy it!) and that I wake up in the morning and be happy to go to the office! It is important to love what you are doing, only then you will do it right :)

During the first interview for the position of data scientist, the manager told me that our goal is to build a team and create something awesome. I believed him and I believe it myself that we can do amazing stuff in the world of (big) data. So one of my biggest challenges is to make this happen. I am sure that we will succeed and that’s why I am here. Another challenge for me is to work in a Dutch environment! It was my personal choice to come and work at Valid and push myself to learn Dutch. You must go out of your comfort zone in order to learn something! A big smile always helps!

Finally, the ultimate goal I think is to make Valid an even bigger name in the market and personally to be able to smile every day." 

"I like the relaxing environment we have at Valid. Because when you feel comfortable, you can do amazing things!"